Synergy Bloom

A One Day Comprehensive Kitchen Coaching Session Based on the Principles of the Ayurvedic Diet *

  • 1  Hour Meeting to Discuss Lifestyle Goals, Learn the Basics, and Preview Kitchen
  • Complete Kitchen and Pantry Cleanse with Refreshed Set Up as Needed
  • Grocery Shopping Trip to Stock Your Refreshed Space and Set Guidelines
  • Learn How to Eat Mindfully and Incorporate Seasonal Ingredients
  • Optimize Nutrition According to your Dosha, or Mind-Body type
  • Understand When to Eat and how timing affects your well being
  • Make a Spice Churna 
  • Resources on Ayurvedic + Healthy Recipes, Food Combinations, and Meal Planning are Provided
  • Teach You How to Make Kitchiri, a Classic Ayurvedic Detoxifying and Nurturing One-Pot Meal

*I am not a Physician or Registered Dietician. My services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Heather Stoken

is the kind of person that reads cookbooks just for the ideas. She combines food from her garden with staple spices to create delicious meals. With her love and appreciation of food she is thrilled to help others find more joy through their food. Her solid understanding of nutrition and study of Ayurveda combine with her born-in talent for organization to make her just the person you’d want in your kitchen.