Heather Stoken

is an herbalist, Yoga and Yoga Tune Up® teacher, and student of Ayurveda. She has been practicing transformative work for the last 10 years in beautiful Portland, Oregon and on retreats and workshops throughout the Country.

Heather is passionate about her yoga both on and off the mat, and integrates fun as well as anatomical understanding into her teaching. Off the mat, Heather is a mother,  a novice artist, poet and chef, as well as a lover of travel and the great outdoors.

She enjoys teaching in schools and studios throughout beautiful Portland, OR. In 2013 Heather trained in Yoga Tune Up®, which has helped to bring a deeper element of self care, body awareness and play to her teaching. It is with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm that she helps each student feel a deeper and more empowered connection to the way their body moves.  

Heather teaches Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga and Yoga Tune Up®




“With some of my back pain and limitations, I can find yoga to be an intimidating experience when I’m in a group, but I was impressed with how Heather would personally adapt exercises to my comfort level and leave me with poses to practice on my own that have really helped with my stiffness and pain.”

-Kate N.

"The trip to Hawai’i was just what the doctor ordered to break up the dark, cold Portland winter – the timing couldn’t have been better. Heather’s yoga classes catered to all students at varying levels. It was great to watch more advanced students completing variations on basic poses, while I found my own challenge in simply getting through yoga sessions 2-3 times a day. I become more aware of how to read my own body, and address areas of excess tension. The massage part way through the week made adjusting to island time painless.

The food was executed with care by an industry expert. Every night felt like visiting a new restaurant with nourishing food served in the comfort of our own dining room. By the end of the trip I was taller, sleeping deeper, and smiling more. I couldn’t be happier with the experience and cannot wait to make new memories next year!"

– Matt

"For me, this was a transformative experience wrapped in the warmth of the islands, the beautiful energy of the group and a week of tranquility that I have not experienced before. Swimming with the turtles wasn’t bad, either."

– Audrey, Portland, Oregon

"It was so much fun having you here for the day. It was a nice surprise to have you tear into my cupboards and help me get things cleaned out and organized.  I had expected you to just look through my cupboards and tell me what’s right for my dosha and what isn’t.  It was so much better to actually get rid of a bunch of stuff and get everything else organized.  It was fun going shopping together to get the right spices for my dosha and the other items that I needed to for my meal plan.  I’m still struggling with planning ahead more than a few days, but I’m getting much better and no longer running to the grocery store daily.  The whole experience of working with you for the day was wonderful.  It made it so much easier for me to move forward on my own with what I learned from you after a day of working together.
Thanks so much for your time and expertise."

– Gail S.

"We did so much yoga that I noticed a peaceful change in my body within a few days. The food was incredibly delicious with a varied menu. The chef was very considerate of my dietary needs going above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied! I had time to myself for reading and relaxation. The group also took excursions nearly everyday that I was always invited to partake in. We saw a volcano, black sand beaches, so many turtles, and a local coffee roasting facility to name a few! My partner and I are also scuba divers, so Heather made sure we would have the opportunity for a dive or two during our stay. I had a fabulous time on the retreat, everyone was delightful, I definitely plan to go again!"

– Zena Walas, Portland Acrobat


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