Healthy & Easy to Make Kaleslaw


Summer is here! and that means that it’s time to eat outside, enjoy a potluck with friends, and enjoy some fresh seasonal produce. I’d like to share with you the recipe for a fan favorite, my special kaleslaw. I get asked for this recipe almost every time I share this dish and by a full spectrum of characters. I have shared this recipe with a vegan friend and with a friend who insisted I bring it to a party where he was serving a roast big (yes, the whole dang pig- head and all!) The dressing  is more of traditional cream slaw and is best if given a few hours to soak in in the fridge. If you are hesitant to try kale, this may be the way to give it a shot- it is a nutritional gold, high in lean protein, vitamins A&C and iron. Here’s the super simple directions:

Serves 4:

4 large kale leaves

3 small to medium carrots

Remove the steam from the kale,  chop leaves  into small strips

Grate carrots ( with a large cheeses grater) into bowl with kale

In a separate bowl mix:

1/4 cup mayonaise ( or veginaise, depending on your preference)

1/8 cup maple syrup

1Tablespoon TOASTED sesame oil

Mix dressing well, then pour over kale mix and toss together.

Add a handful of sunflower seeds for a extra crunch.

Enjoy with a friend!

You can make it a side salad or combine with hummus in a tortilla for a yummy lunch wrap

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